1.  Ese pueblo de Dolores
José Alfredo’s childhood in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, and his family’s move to Mexico City after his father’s death.

2.  Cuatro caminos
The interruption of his studies due to the family’s precarious economic situation, his first jobs and the beginning of his artistic career.

3.  Qué suerte la mía
Sus presentaciones en la radio y las primeras grabaciones de sus canciones que se convirtieron en éxitos inmediatos.

4.  Paloma querida
The romance and marriage with Paloma Gálvez, who inspired many of his songs.

5.  El rey
Two decades of successes, during which he composes more than 300 songs, he recorded dozens of records and tours the continent singing in all kind of stages, as in television, cinema and the radio.

6.  Estoy en el rincón de una cantina
The whirlwind of excesses and temptations of the artistic medium, between dissipation and bohemia, love without limits, devotion without hope…

7.  La vida no vale nada
The premature death of José Alfredo due to drinking and his last live performance.

8.  Olvídate de todo menos de mí
The permanence of his songs, which, besides forming a fundamental part of the repertoire of Ranchera music, are adapted and interpreted by singers of other genres.

9.  Multiple uses room
“José Alfredo Jiménez”, oil on canvas, 2 x 3m, created especially for the museum by the artists Octavio Ocampo.